In 2006, so long ago that I apparently still used Livejournal, I wrote:

Remember how 2002 was so exciting and full of surprise teams? Many pundits seem relieved that the traditional powers are back on top; the strong performances from Korea and the USA were clearly flukes.

.. or maybe the European teams were not quite as strong on a neutral field.

In the last 4 Cups in Europe (France 98, Italy 90, Spain 82, Germany 74) European sides have posted a 61-20-30 record, with 208 goals for and 90 goals against (1.87 – 0.81 per game).

In the last 4 Cups outside of Europe (Korea/Japan 02, USA 94, Mexico 86, Argentina 78) European sides have posted a 49-44-29 record, with 160 goals for and 147 goals against (1.31-1.20 per game).

UEFA countries are 8-8-7 so far in South Africa, with 19 goals for and 19 against.