FC Dallas at Philadelphia Union. I find FC Dallas to be a sort of forgettable team, so I guess that’s something I have in common with most Texans.  So I was pretty surprised to see that they have the highest offense projection according to my crude “shots matter” model.  They should have a good chance to demonstrate that again Philly, who really aren’t much good at anything.

San Jose Earthquakes at New England Revolution. In late 2006 I was convinced that Bobby Convey and Benny Feilhaber were going to be indispensable players by South Africa.  In late 2009 I was looking pretty stupid.  Curiously, Feilhaber has played his way back in to the USMNT picture, and Convey has come back to life a bit recently, to the point where you can kinda-sorta remember that he once was a starter on an EPL team.  There is no moral to this story.  BTW, Convey-to-Ryan Johnson against the Red Bulls last week was the most beautiful goal I’ve seen in a while (around 2:20 in):

Colorado Rapids at DC United. Oh man.  I don’t want to think about DCU any more at this point.  Instead, let’s just reminisce about happier times:

Toronto FC at Los Angeles Galaxy. LA are scoring at an insane pace, and the “shots on goal” model rates them to slow down a lot.  They certain look like a fabulous offense though, and they seem like just the kind of team to make me look stupid.  Landon Donovan is as good as advertised at this point.  On the other hand, Edson Buddle is older than I am and has never been better than solid until now.  He can’t possibly keep up his 34-goal pace, right?  (Just to save you the trouble of looking it up, Roy Lassiter has the record with 27.)

Chivas USA at Columbus Crew. This “previewing every match” thing turns out to be pretty tough.  My cunning plan was to stockpile data so I could comb through it and bring subtle analysis.  But I’ve barely gotten started crunching the numbers.  So … C-bus look pretty good so far, but they’ve also played the fewest matches in the league.  I got nothing here.